calling all brainfoxes

Fresher’s week is upon us and there’s no doubt that all you students will need something to cure those pesky hangovers – The Fox is your home away from home this year! Introducing the Hyndland Fox Student Card. Flash us your student card or register online for your handy little card. It gives you 30% off food in Fresher’s Week (12th – 16th September) and after that you can have 20% off all year round! Isn’t it good to be a student? Our Brunch menu is guaranteed to nurse you back to life no matter how bad the hangover is, what’s not to love? Get registered now.

Register HERE and pop in to collect your card.

Foxes After Four

Have you tried our new revamped Fox After Four menu yet? It’s going down a treat! This creative journey of flavours is designed and made in house by our Head Chefs – it’s a locally sourced, delicious menu for all you Foxes that are feeling fancy! Some firm favourites amongst us foxes are the Roast Chicken Breast with Haggis Hasselback Potato and the Chargrilled Banana Split. It’s a 3 course delight but if you’re not feeling the full set menu, you are more than welcome to pick a 2 course option. We love this new menu and we hope you are too! Check out our social media pages for some mouth-watering encouragement, but we’re sure you won’t need it. Treat yourself; join us from 4pm every day!

It’s always coffee time

If it’s one thing we’re known for here at The Fox, it’s our coffees. September 29th is home to National Coffee Day and we’ve decided to not only celebrate for one day only, but to make the last week in September coffee week. We’ll be providing the coffees paired with a selection of delicious homemade treats! You won’t just find our usual coffee fuelled treats but we’ll be introducing a new and delicious range, expect pumpkin spice, chai and more! This week’s good mood is sponsored by coffee – so join us all week for a coffee & cake deal, why not make a morning of it? We all know, coffee and cake goes perfectly with a good catch up. See you then!

Why limit happy to an hour?

Here at The Fox we decided it was about time we revamped our drink menu! It’s still full of our classic perfect serves, a superior range of wines and beers to see you through. But, we’ve added to firm favourites – Irn Bru is finally seeing its arrival in The Fox, after all, we can’t be a Scottish bar without serving the classic. Everybody loves Irn Bru and we’re so excited to finally have it! The new drinks menu will be launching early September come see what we have for you all. Irn Bru cocktails anyone?